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Sam Claflin for GQ Hype

Sam has a new interview and photoshoot for GQ Hype! You can read his great interview below and find photos from the cover and photoshoot in our gallery!

Sam Claflin is the sort of man that gets punched in the face and ends up apologising for it. Well, not the sort of man – the actual man this has happened to. Claflin was 19 years old, minding his own business on the dance floor at Po Na Na nightclub in Norwich. He still has no idea why the stranger decided to swing for him, but being agreeable to his bones, he’s still giving that guy the benefit of the doubt 17 years later.

This amenability makes sense when you meet Claflin, who it is clear is on a quest to be one of life’s good guys. He is a Chelsea fan, and yet he finds himself rooting for their rivals. “I’m not one of those football fans that’s anti-anyone,” he tells me, in full Ted Lasso mode, right down to the nervous press-conference smile. “I support Chelsea but I love that Arsenal are doing well. I’m also really gunning for Tottenham to win something. I love watching Manchester United starting to do well again, or Liverpool for a couple of years. Seeing Leicester win.”

It is mid-afternoon on a flat Thursday in February, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” soaring from the radio in an empty Irish pub in Camden, North London. Claflin arrives in a blue baseball cap proclaiming the letter S – not for Sam, he says, not entirely convincingly–- and radiating a cautious charm. Hilariously handsome, in a way that is made even funnier by how mortified he seems by his good looks, he is dashing in a Waitrose Organic kind of way. This mother-approved, Disney-prince DNA is, to an extent, how Claflin made his name, with enough hunky roles to fill a shirtless calendar from January to December. The wheelchair-bound millionaire in Me Before You; the winsome missionary in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides; the gladiatorial stud Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games. If your sister fancied a blond character in a movie between 2011 and 2016, there is an approximately 40 per cent chance it was Sam Claflin. “I think I was on the ‘upcoming hot under-30-year-olds list’ for like ten years and I was like, ‘I’m still not coming,’” he says with an easy laugh. “A lot of guys recognise me because their girlfriends have forced them to watch something I’m in.”

This may be about to change with the noisy arrival of Daisy Jones and the Six, the Amazon series adapted from the bestselling book of the same name by Taylor Jenkins Reid. The story is inspired by the chaotic formation and steep rise to fame of Fleetwood Mac and set in the scrubby dreamland of Los Angeles’s Laurel Canyon in the ’70s, an era in which people congregated in cabins for parties, so that you could see candles littered through the mountains as evenings wore on.

Soundtracks are often talked about as a character in TV and films, but for Daisy Jones it’s the whole plot, with the writing of the band’s album providing a fuse for the roiling drama between the band members. Claflin and Riley Keough – the real-life granddaughter of Elvis Presley, who plays the magnetic, infuriating singer Daisy Jones – worked with high-profile music producers Blake Mills and Tony Berg to write and record an actual album, since released under the fictional band’s name.
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Additional Zoo Magazine Outtakes

Hi! I’m sorry for the lack of the updates on the site. I’ve been quite busy and haven’t had time to work on the site. To make up for that, I have now added additional high quality outtakes from a photoshoot Sam did earlier this year for Zoo Magazine. It’s definitely one of my favorite shoots. I would greatly appreciate if if you did not re-post the photos, thank you. I hope you all enjoy them!

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Exclusive “L’Uomo Vogue” Outtakes

There hasn’t been much Sam updates lately.. but, I can’t wait for the Toronto International Film Festival and see Sam promoting Their Finest with the beautiful Gemma Arterton. For now, as promised I have something to make up for the downtime on the site. I have added 30 additional outtakes from Sam’s photoshoot for L’Uomo Vogue back in 2014. It would be appreciated if you did not re-post the photos. Enjoy, thank you!

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Emilia Clarke framed Sam Claflin for stealing her Daenerys doll, filled his socks with fish on ‘Me Before You’ set

USA TODAY – Call her the Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, and undisputed Queen of Pranks.

Yes, Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke is a notoriously crafty prankster, according to her Me Before You co-star Sam Claflin. Filming the tearful romance last year, her most memorable hijinks included a remote-controlled fart machine, which she would casually unleash on unsuspecting cast and crew. She also framed Claflin for “stealing” her Daenerys doll, by planting it in his bag and plastering the U.K. set with mock-up “wanted” posters.

But as a self-described clean freak, the British actor says the worst prank may have been when Clarke put fish in his socks. Claflin tells USA TODAY:

They were brand new socks. I had worn them for only three minutes in the morning — like, literally to get from my house to work. I took them off to get into my costume and they stayed in my trailer until the very end of the day. … I don’t really like fish. It’s not my favorite smell or anybody’s. I just remember as I picked up my socks, I was like, ‘That feels odd.’ So I pulled them apart and went to put one (foot) in, and I fully gagged. I was like, ‘What?’

Afterward, “he made me feel so bad, oh, my God,” Clarke says. “But then I bought him three pairs of really nice socks.”

But she didn’t get off that easy: Claflin also had his share of fun at Clarke’s expense.

I stole all her furniture, which was pretty epic,” Claflin remembers. “I stuck it all in my room, but then my room was way too overcrowded. I couldn’t move!

It’s safe to say, these two must have April Fool’s Day on lock.

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Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin grapple with love, life in ‘Me Before You’

USA TODAY – NEW YORK — To fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke is Daenerys Targaryen, a shrewd, dragon-wielding conqueror and one of TV’s fiercest heroines.

So when Me Before You director Thea Sharrock suggested she play Louisa Clark — a spunky, idealistic young woman who takes a job caring for a wealthy, wheelchair-bound quadriplegic (Sam Claflin) — screenwriter Jojo Moyes was understandably puzzled.

I couldn’t see it,” says Moyes, who adapted her 2012 romantic novel for the big screen (in theaters Friday). “She was, for me, irrevocably linked to long, blond hair and dragons and looking very stern. But the moment you actually see her without the (Thrones) wig, she’s so warm and bubbly, and actually has the physical look of Louisa. It really took no time at all.”

Playing someone who shares her optimistic outlook and humor was part of the appeal to Clarke, who calls Louisa (nicknamed “Lou”) a “more innocent version” of herself.

Reading the book for the first time, “I was in love by page 3,” says Clarke, 29, teasing and laughing with her Me Before You co-star throughout an arduous day of interviews. “Lou felt like such a perfect extension of me. I just understood her, and it was that understanding that brought my excitement.”

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