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Interview with ASOS – We chatted to Hunger Games star Sam Claflin about becoming a dad

The cutest thing ever happened last night. Sam Claflin and his megababe wife, Laura Haddock, turned up to the UK premiere of Mockingjay – Part 2 with a big surprise… the pair are expecting their first child! *squeal* We caught up with Sam in London today to chat all about the end of Hunger Games, what’s next for him and how he’s feeling about fatherhood.

Firstly, massive congratulations! Your announcement last night was pretty special… It’s all very exciting and it was amazing for Laura and I to do it on the world stage. I’m very, very lucky, that’s all I can say.

It’s the end of an era. What will you miss most about playing Finnick? I honestly was just happy to play someone who was so layered and complex. Basically every film that we did, I felt like I was playing a different character and that as an actor is a real dream come true.

How did you feel when you were shooting your final scene? It was a very tense few weeks in the run-up to that scene so it felt like another big finale for me. I was so insistent that I did all my own stunts but the truth is Jackson Spidell – who’s my stunt double – is on another level at using Finnick’s weapon in the latest movie: a massive stick. It was actually a trident but I honestly hated the fact that for the entire film I had to run around with a stick and everyone else got machine guns.

*MAJOR spoiler alert below*

What can you say to all the Finnick lovers to help them mourn the loss and move on with their lives? The great thing is that he has a baby, so the spirit of Finnick will forever live on – and he dies for what he believes in. He sacrificed himself for the good of the world, so I think there will always be a part of him that will live in everybody.

How do you feel about the fact that one day your little boy or girl will be able to watch you in the Hunger Games films? I think it’s really exciting and that’s exactly what’s so amazing about shooting movies – that you’re forever sort of immortalising a moment in time and encapsulating this experience. Also because I can walk away from this project with my head held high, feeling like I’ve done myself proud. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible actors and people I have admired since I was a kid, so to go through that on screen and be able to show it off later down the line is quite special.

What do we reckon to Finnick as a baby name? *Chuckle* I don’t think Finnick would really work, sadly. In fact, I’m not sure any of the names from The Hunger Games would really suit a child but I suppose it’s probably more and more popular. A pet maybe? Finnick the fluffy dog or something like that? It’s a good solid dog name.


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